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Important Things to do before you Sell iPhone 4

Do you want to sell iPhone 4 so that you

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can buy an iPhone 6 or even iPhone 6 Plus? Then there are things that you need to do before you sell that phone. With most people, it is obvious that as something new or latest comes, the old one finds a way of retiring automatically. This may sound philosophical. However, the technology world sticks to this unwritten rule’s sanctity. Nevertheless, before you let go of your device clean it digitally. Use a checklist as your guide to ensure that you do not leave anything out.

Backup your data

The first thing that you need to do is to backup all your data. This will take a little of your time especially if you backup your iPhone regularly via iCloud. iCloud backup should be fine but you can have a physical backup because this feels safer somehow. You can also backup data with iTunes.

Sign out of the iCloud

If your device has iCloud setup, it is usually in control of most data in your iPhone. In most cases, once you sign out of your iCloud account, most data will disappear from your iPhone. This means there is no need to perform a manual removal of the data. That is why you should start by signing out of your iCloud account. Simply go to your iCloud, tap on the account ID then tap on the Sign out option to log out.

Clear out videos, photos and other media individually

You should get things done with the last part on the checklist. However, before you sell iPhone it is advisable that you remove the data individually. After backing up your data, start removing videos, photos and other media files and content. Simply go to photos app then erase all videos and photos from the folders. You should not worry since you have already backed up the content. Repeat this for all apps that can be reset. If you have already disable iCloud, you can also delete the apps individually.

Apple Music

Apple released the Apple Music that has had overwhelming response. If you have subscribed to the service and probably downloaded songs that you may have saved on Apple Music, carry your existing songs by backing them up on iTunes. This will ensure that you have all the purchased music that you can restore on the new iPhone that you purchase.

Sign out every account

Do not leave any session logged in to ensure your online security. After deleting applications like Facebook, you sign out effectively too. However, it is important that you sign out and log out of every user account.

Erase data by resetting all settings

Once you remove all data and apps, the iPhone 4 should look like it was when you bought. However, before you sell it, clear things out internally with iOS itself. Simply go to the General settings and Reset All Settings then erase all settings and content after the device restarts like a hero.

After doing this, you are now ready to sell iPhone 4 to a new owner.

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